In the 1930s, Dietrich Ziegler set up a machining workshop in Stuttgart.

In 1938, in response to national demand, the Detrich and Zygler factories began to produce matching engines for tanks, aircraft, ships and other military equipment.


In 1946, the German military industry suffered a devastating blow after World War II, and the post-war reconstruction project made the elevator industry closely related to construction flourishing. Zygler's factory has rapidly transformed from a professional engine manufacturer to an elevator parts manufacturer.

In 1948, Zygler developed and launched AC induction electric drive mainframe, which became the mainframe supplier of major elevator brands at that time.


In 1972, the company established the escalator business department and began the development of escalator business.

In 1983, the R&D Department of Elevator Innovation Technology was established. At the same time, from Germany to the world, elevator business was carried out globally.


In 1951, Ziegler's elevator parts factory became an elevator manufacturer and named it MSDS after his wife.

In 1955, MSDS successfully developed traction-driven mainframe, which replaced traditional drum-drum-drum-drum mainframe and promoted industrial transformation.


In 1985, the frequency conversion drive mainframe was successfully developed, and the energy saving of the mainframe was greatly improved.

In 1998, the independently developed permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor was officially introduced, and its driving capacity was strengthened again.

In 2001, the elevator remote maintenance and monitoring system with real-time data transmission was developed.


In 2007, the sales network covered 32 countries on 5 continents.

In 2015, entering China, MSDS (Suzhou) Elevator Co., Ltd. was established to launch escalator business in Asia-Pacific region.

In 2017, the Chinese manufacturing base of MSDS (Suzhou) Elevator Co., Ltd. was officially completed, and China's elevator industry entered a period of rapid development.

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Create a handed down boutique to carry every dream that keeps going up. Create classic solutions for building traffic and give new space power to urban life.

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MSDS elevator, the perfect integration of technology and aesthetics, art and technology, when the Cold machinery embraces the beating soul of art, flowing with the blood of German industrial civilization, the rigorous, persistent and innovative industrial spirit of Germany is vividly expressed, creating the legend of elevator science and technology art.

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