MSDS elevator villa elevator series

Freedom of design

There is no need for traditional computer room. The backpack or gantry elevator structure can be adopted according to the house structure and door opening requirements.

The special tractor rack is directly fixed on the guide rail, and the building can not be subjected to force. It can use 220V household power supply without additional application for industrial power supply.

Green energy saving

Automatic special door machine, frequency conversion drive, energy saving upgrade. The total rated power is 1.5KW, less than a microwave oven, which saves 80% of the electricity compared with the commercial small elevator.

Comfortable life

VVVF frequency conversion drive technology, household elevator dedicated computer board control, smooth and comfortable operation, start and stop without noise.

Safety protection

UPS (backup power supply) device, start immediately when power failure, let passengers out safely. In case of emergency, direct dial outside telephone to improve rescue efficiency.




Recent engineering
Greenwich Apartment

MSDS elevator, the perfect integration of technology and aesthetics, art and technology, when the Cold machinery embraces the beating soul of art, flowing with the blood of German industrial civilization, the rigorous, persistent and innovative industrial spirit of Germany is vividly expressed, creating the legend of elevator science and technology art.

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