Automobile elevator

Automobile elevator


MSDS automotive elevator, fully taking into account the large volume and heavy load of automotive products, introduces mature international automotive lifting technology, combined with a variety of humanized design, widely applicable to logistics centers, industrial transportation, large parking garages, 4S stores and other places.

Easy operation

It is equipped with a wide range of electric circuit control and display systems to provide convenience for the drivers in the car and the drivers in the waiting elevator outside the car. With double operation button box, the driver can easily control the elevator without getting out of the car.

Stable bearing capacity

The car is made of high-quality steel, with optimized design structure, high strength and super firmness to ensure that the car will not be deformed for a long time.

Recent engineering
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MSDS elevator, the perfect integration of technology and aesthetics, art and technology, when the Cold machinery embraces the beating soul of art, flowing with the blood of German industrial civilization, the rigorous, persistent and innovative industrial spirit of Germany is vividly expressed, creating the legend of elevator science and technology art.

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