MSDS Escalator series

Save space

Short pedal design reduces space span, compact bottom pit depth design, more free civil layout, more compact overall structure, greatly saving land area, to meet the needs of different architectural patterns.

Energy saving and high efficiency

The helical gear reducer with high precision and high efficiency is more efficient than the traditional worm gear reducer. It runs in frequency conversion specifications, detects passenger flow in various ways, automatically adjusts speed and avoids invalid operation, thus ensuring the efficient use of energy.

Aesthetic design

Streamlined design, fashionable appearance, a variety of decoration styles can be selected to maximize the aesthetic needs of customers, and complement each other with the surrounding building environment.

MSDS automatic sidewalk series

Structural optimization

The pioneering design greatly reduces the requirement of space, metal truss structure, solid and safe, and strong carrying capacity.

Automatic lubrication

Using automatic lubrication system, according to intelligent detection control, ensure the normal operation of components, effectively improve service life.

Specifications and diversity

Various inclination angles and pedal widths can be freely chosen according to different uses and environments of buildings to meet different transport needs.

Recent engineering
Greenwich Apartment

MSDS elevator, the perfect integration of technology and aesthetics, art and technology, when the Cold machinery embraces the beating soul of art, flowing with the blood of German industrial civilization, the rigorous, persistent and innovative industrial spirit of Germany is vividly expressed, creating the legend of elevator science and technology art.

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